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Stressless® models come in three different sizes to give you a more personal fit.

Stressless Leg Comfort Power Extending Built-In Footrest with Classic Wood Base Recliners.
New Stressless Dual Power Foot Rest and Power Backrest with Classic Wood Base Recliners.

You can easily move the freestanding Stressless® ottoman into the right position for optimum leg and foot support.

The Stressless® Glide system is designed to follow your slightest movements.

A simple adjustment enables you to adapt the Glide mechanism to suit your body weight.

Stressless® lumbar support synchronizes with the Glide system to provide continual support for your lower back.

Headrest synchronizes with the lumbar support, so your head is always positioned and you can maintain eye contact.

You can adjust the headrest with a simple hand movement to lie flat.

Two glide rails enable you to lean back further than is possible in most other recliners.

Stressless® is designed for longevity with a round base and double stem to ensure stability.

Stressless® relaxes your entire body by providing perfect balance and optimum support. Stressless® is so comfortable because it is perfectly balanced and made from high quality materials to provide excellent support in any position. Your whole body can relax and feel as though you are floating on air.

Stressless Plus System for the best spinal support. Automatically providing support for your neck and lower back lumbar areas. Sleep Function Mode headrest release for sleeping.


 Stressless Recliner Wood Finishes by Ekornes

Stressless Batick, Classic and Royalin Leather Swatches for the Ekornes Stressless Recliners

Stressless Paloma Leather Swatches for the Ekornes Stressless Recliners

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Stressless Recliner Chair Clearance Discount Sale

Stressless Recliner Chair Clearance Discount Sale

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